Experience the most exciting exploits
of the 1400+ year history
of the world's oldest dynasty!

Adopted by Udaipur's royal family, author Jane Richardson lived in the shadows of an awesome millennium. Her documented history, interlaced with a few fictional characters, details countless religious and civil ceremonies and rites, and describes lifestyles of people in all social strata from feudal lords and royalty to commoners, and even criminals.

"Says Richardson with firm conviction, 'I get a chance to tell [the reader] what the people are about because I firmly believe you don't know any country unless you know its people, and you don't know its people unless you live with them.' " — Hinduism Today

As you will discover, the history of Mewar is more bizarre and exciting than any other part of the world.

What others are saying about
Virgin Princess

"The book is a tribute to Richardson's skill and understanding of Indian culture ... [she] becomes one with them, giving a vivid, realistic account."
— Purnima Sharma, INDRAMA, The "Magazine of India"
"Intriguing. Lots of historical details ... of the valiant and uncompromising Rajputs."
— Ms. Bilkiz Alladin, Chevalier des Artes et Letres
Author and Playwright, Hyderabad, India

"A lucid, well-researched and extraordinarily verisimillitudinous novel ... rich and provocative."
— Scott Meredith, New York City
"[The author's] knowledge of the history and social mores of Rajasthan is both subtle and profound. The book is both extremely readable and very interesting."
— C.B., Editor, New York City

About the Book

Virgin Princess (5.5 x 8.5 paperback) is 434 pages and retails for $15.95. ISBN 1-879403-09-9. Click here to order Virgin Princess from the publisher.